About Us

Auto Strength is the place where you can find fresh, clean designs on apparel representing your love for cars and what drives you to power thru each day.

How It Began

We used to make our own unique designs and printed them onto iron on sheets in our own home throughout junior high and high school. We'd print our shirts before any event or party as far back as the year 2000. We got asked plenty of times where'd we bought what we had on and we were always very proud to say we made them.

Why We're Doing This

After lots of growing up, our love for making our own designs and wearing them is still very strong. With our hobbies, interests, and life in general becoming more complex, we dug deep and spent every spare minute we had to launch Auto Strength to bring some designs showcasing what we're about.

Everyone grinds away at work and has a life full of responsibilities. We choose to put extra effort into our cars daily which are huge projects in themselves. We work hard by learning, wrenching and sweating to keep our pride and joy's performance going strong and looking good since that is where our passion lies. The strength to work this hard comes automatically. If this sounds like you, wear it on your sleeve!

Enjoy the drive.
-Auto Strength

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